DRT Design Rotor Technology

Brake Rotors by Design Rotor Technology

Don't be fooled by inferior products that claim to be premium.

DRT premium rotors are manufactured to meet QS and ISO Quality System Standards. It is made from the highest quality G3500 metallurgy for drivers who want the best of the best. DRT Premium rotors are coated with black e-coating to prevent corrosion which has been tested with salt water exposure for 400 hours.

With your DRT brakes you can drive assured knowing that you brakes are engineered to:

Brake rotors

(1) Double Disc Ground

DRT premium rotors feature a double disc ground, taper free finish. Double disc grinding ensures parallelism, eliminates run out and provides near perfect disc thickness variation (DTV). Double disc grinding leaves a non-directional finish on the friction surface area for more effective pad-rotor break in. This special finish also provides quieter and smoother stops.

(2) Machine Finishes

DRT Sport premium rotors feature 100% fully machined finishes including rotor hats. This extra process provides better rotor balance and creates a cleaner, more finished looking component. In addition, DRT premium rotors are inspected for balance and mill-corrected to a tolerance of less than 2oz. per inch

(3) Split Castings

Center-split core castings provide proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency, resulting in superior braking power and safety.

Noise Reduction Technology

DRT Noise Reduction Technology (NRT) will eliminate the humming noise during braking. Conventional cross drilled/slotted rotors create harmonic frequencies (humming) during braking. In Noise Reduction Technology (NRT) the drilled/slotted patterns are machined 180 degrees from each other. When the brake pedal is applied, one side will create positive harmonic frequencies and the opposite side will create negative harmonic frequencies. The positive and negative frequencies will cancel each other out to reduce the humming noise. The left wheel and right wheel will also cancel out each other. NRT rotors will eliminate humming noise in the cabin for a comfortable driving experience.

NRT rotors does not have any negative affect on the performance nor will it reduce the longevity of the rotor. It has been tested and proven on to reduce humming noise.